By act of Parliament known as the Further and Higher Education (Accreditation) Act no 35 of 2006, the National Accreditation Board (NAB) came into existence. Evidence of the presence of the Board was not visible until 2008.

Since its inception the Board has been chaired by Dr. Rosalind Ambrose. Mr. Kelvin Malcolm was the first Executive Director, but he no longer serves in this position. The daily functioning of the Board (decision makers) is facilitated by a team in the Accreditation Unit (implementers) which is a department of the Ministry of Education. All critical issues and decisions taken are done at the level of the members of the Board. The Unit is currently managed by the Senior Education Officer, Ministry of Education.

The registration of institutions/providers/facilitators/agencies occupies the main focus of the Accreditation Unit at this time. This pre-occupation is equalled by the urgent need to sensitise the public relative to the presence of both diploma and accreditation mills. This concern has necessitated a public outreach programme. The public is therefore warned that it is necessary to have due diligence conducted before engaging in their quest for a tertiary level academic journey.