The Accreditation Unit

About the Unit

The unit is located within the Ministry of Education.

It works in collaboration with the National Accreditation Board [NAB].

It is expected to assist in facilitating the registration and accreditation process.

It is responsible for conducting due diligence on:

*  Institutions

*  Individuals associated with programmes and institutions

Role of the Unit

The Unit also:

Provides guidance and information on the accreditation status of institutions and programmes to members of the public.

What is Accreditation?

Certification of competence in a specified subject or area of expertise.

Certification of the integrity of an agency, firm, etc.


What are Degree Mills?

One - Institutions that offer degree programs that can be completed in an irregular period of time (some in only days) or with little or no academic work being done by the        

Two - These Degree Mills offer their diplomas in exchange for up-front tuition or a flat fee.

Three - They typically have no admission standards such as standardized testing grades, referrals, endorsements, application essays or transcripts such as traditional, accredited
universities require.


Online Degrees

- Many online universities are fully accredited and require students to apply and submit work as they would at a traditional brick and mortar university.

- However, there are also numerous Degree Mills online that offer degrees in exchange for tuition.

Mail Order Degrees

- For a set amount of money or tuition fee, students can send away for a diploma and receive one in the mail from that organisation.

- These institutions are not recognised by any higher education governing bodies.

Increase in Local Agents

- An increase in the number of local agents who facilitate the use/access to these services.

The Accreditation Unit is asking for your assistance in promoting the use of genuine institutions. Thank you.





Contact Information

Permanent Secretary

Mr. Myccle Burke (Ag)
Telephone: (784) 457-1104
PBX: (784) 456-1111 Ext: 441


The Ministry of Education is located on Halifax Street, within the same compound as the Ministry of Transport, Works, Urban Development and Local Government.