Thirty-three students of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Community College received bursaries on September 18th, from Generation Next SVG, a local foundation created by Senator Hon. Carlos James.The bursaries were handed out at a ceremony held at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall.

Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Hon. Deborah Charles, urged the students to give back to their communities by helping a child with his/her homework or encouraging youths on the street to choose different life paths. Senator Charles referred to her upbringing and that of Senator James’ to highlight that they did not come from affluent families yet through education and perseverance they were able to forge successful paths.

Founder of Generation Next SVG, Senator Hon. Carlos James said Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is well on the way to have one university graduate per household in SVG by 2025. Senator James described the recipients as the future of SVG adding that every young person should be given the opportunity to make a difference. James urged the bursary recipients to continue to succeed and to make the best use of their time in school.

According to the Generation Next SVG founder, recipients were pulled from several communities including Sandy Bay and Ottley Hall. One of the prerequisites for receiving a bursary, James stated, is a parent being unemployed and/or earning a basic minimum wage. Senator James extended thanks to all the donors who gave of their time and their resources.

Bursary recipient, Delano King, delivered the vote of thanks. King thanked Senator James for starting this initiative which has come to their aid. He also expressed gratitude to sponsors and the parents and guardians who attended the award ceremony. King said the contribution will go a long way in meeting their needs and assist parents with sending their children to school.

Some of the sponsors of the access to college education programme bursary award included Silky Da Silva, Gloria Stapleton, and proprietors of Cloud 9. The bursary handover was witnessed by parents, guardians, other executive members of Generation Next and well-wishers.



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