Mission Statement

To provide a teaching and learning environment that equips graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude which will empower them for job creation, gainful employment and further education in their specialization and will enable them to use their creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to fulfil personal and societal needs.

 The Vision of the College

To obtain a greater level of efficiency, effectiveness, relevance and quality in training, thereby making its graduates better prepared for work.

 Overall Objectives

Our programmes aim to:

  • Equip students with the academic and occupational competencies required to perform basic tasks and provide quality service for self-employment and entry level positions in the workforce.

  • Acquire a foundation in the General Education courses which are designed to strengthen skills that will be useful to students in whatever field they choose, allow them to become adaptable in their chosen career field and in their relationships with co-workers, employers and members of society.

  • Provide graduates with an academic foundation required for further studies.

  • Produce graduates who will appreciate and use technology  that will enhance their work.

  • Maintain relevance and currency by integrating school-based experiences with work-based projects and work place attachment.

Contact Information

Permanent Secretary

Mr. Myccle Burke (Ag)
Telephone: (784) 457-1104
PBX: (784) 456-1111 Ext: 441
E-mail: office.education@mail.gov.vc


The Ministry of Education is located on Halifax Street, within the same compound as the Ministry of Transport, Works, Urban Development and Local Government.