Grade 6 students registered for the 2023 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) concluded their final examination on Friday, 5th May, 2023. Of the 1702 students registered, 1693 wrote the final examination.

Students’  final  scores  were  derived  from  the  aggregate  scores  of  both  components  of  the  CPEA. That  is,  the  External  Assessment  which  consisted  of  Multiple  Choice  Tests  in Mathematics,  Science,  Language  Arts    and  Social  Studies  and  from  the  School-Based Assessment  which  comprised  a  Project, a  Writing  Portfolio, a  Book  Report  as  well  as Teacher  Tests,  Pupil  Made  Tests  and  Can Do Skills  exercises  in  Mathematics,  Science, Language Arts and Social Studies.

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