About Us

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; embedded in this are the four focus areas of UNESCO, they are - Education, Culture, Natural Science and Social Sciences and ICT.

UNESCO cooperates with Intergovernmental Organizations, in particular the United Nations and its organizations and other related bodies to ensure each goal in its five field of competence is achieved.

Mission Statement

The overarching mission statement of UNESCO is to contribute to sustainable human Development in a culture of peace, underpinned by tolerance, democracy And human rights, through programmes and projects in UNESCO’s fields Of competence - Education, The Natural and Social Sciences, Culture, and ICT’s.


Maximise the benefits of SVG’s membership in UNESCO;

Disseminate information, create interest and promote understanding in SVG about the general objectives of UNESCO;

Advise government and other interested organizations on all matters relating to the work of UNESCO and its programmes;

Serve as liaison agency between the Government, UNESCO and other organizations working for the advancement of the UNESCO programme areas;

Foster and develop relations with other National Commissions;

Develop more UNESCO clubs in schools and also more community groups.