Minster of Education Hon. Curtis King said the opening of the North Leeward Technical Institute is an historic occasion in the quest to providing quality education for all.

Speaking at the opening ceremony for the Institute, Minister King said Technical and Vocational education contributes significantly to national development and the Government has allocated 440 thousand dollars to further the TVET movement here.

“TVET is not a second-class component of our education system, it is, like humanities, sciences…and our vision is that our students who are pursuing TVET, just like those who are pursuing the Humanities and the Sciences and others will graduate from our secondary schools with certificates and would then move on to our community college where they will continue their education in the same way that the students do in the respective disciplines,” Minister King affirmed.

The North Leeward Technical Institute, like the other four Technical Institutes (Barrouallie, Campden Park, Kingstown, Georgetown), will provide the skills and knowledge base necessary in Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQ’s) and National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s).

The Education Minister referenced the just concluded budget presentation noting that the Government has allocated an approximate 3 million dollars for the construction of a new TVET Centre on the Grenadine island of Union Island.

This, according to King, is part of the Government’s ongoing programme for TVET training across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Minster King added that an additional 120 thousand dollars has also been allocated for the design of a TVET centre with additional services for the Marriaqua constituency.



SOURCE: Agency For Public Information (A.P.I)