The St. Vincent Grammar School (SVGS) has once again won the National Science Quiz (NSQ) hosted by the Ministry of Education and National Reconciliation.

The duo of Aaron McDonald and Levi Burnett, who garnered 52 points, successfully defended the SVGS’ title at the NSQ finals on Thursday, 9th May at The Frenches House against four other schools; Petit Bordel Secondary (Leeward zone), Georgetown Secondary (Windward Zone), Mountain View Adventist Academy (Mespo Zone) and Bequia Community High (Grenadines Zone).

The Mountain View Adventist Academy (MVAA) and the Petit-Bordel Secondary (PBSS) gained 39 points each and a tie-breaker between both schools, pushed Mountain View Adventist Academy’s Kebrina Brisett and Deyon Parris into second place with 40 points. Rounding out the top three, were Safiya Solomon and Saranne Samuel of the Petit Bordel Secondary School.

The other finalists were; Jomaine Bynoe and Oshanna Hutchins – Bequia Community High School (BCHS) and Jordan James and Tyra Byron – Georgetown Secondary School (GSS).

The full results are:

  • 1st - SVGS – 52 pts
  • 2nd - MVAA – 40 pts
  • 3rd - PBSS – 39 pts
  • 4th - BCHS – 38 pts
  • 5th - GSS – 34 pts

The preliminary round of the NSQ was held from April 22-29, and was keenly contested by twenty-four schools, many of which were separated by mere points. The finals kept the same format as the prelims with three sections: the “Sci-Grid” Round, Science Challenge Round and the Fast Answer Round.

Since its inception in 2019, the St. Vincent Grammar School has been victorious, (2019,2023, 2024)

McMillan Education, Gaymes Book Centre, Vitamalt, CK Greaves and Company Ltd, Bowmans Pharmacy, ECGC, Jaden Inc and Q-Care Pharmacy provided sponsorship support to this year’s National Science Quiz.