The Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Boys' Grammar School and the Girls High School jointly held their road relay on Tuesday, 4th February, 2020.

The events started and ended in the vicinity of both schools. The relays comprised of 6 legs, and took a route through Cane Garden. Last year, Moffett House (Yellow) of the Girls High School won the race in a time of 45 minutes and 5 seconds, while Reeves House (Blue) of the Saint Vincent Grammar School won their fourth straight road relay title in a time of 51 minutes and 37 seconds.

This year both houses were dethroned by Head Mistress House and Crick House respectively.

Four houses from each school competed in the race and the results are as follows:

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Girls High School results:

Position  House  Time 
1st Head Mistress House  43.49m 
2nd Grimble House  45.37m 
3rd Staff House  47.08m
4th Moffett House  51.31m 

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Boys' Grammar School results 

Position House Time
1st Crick House 51.01m
2nd Millar House 52.54m
3rd Reeves House 53.00m
4th Lopey House 55.44m





SOURCE: Information Technology Services Division (I.T.S.D)