Preliminary results of the August 2020 Caribbean Examinations Council Secondary Education Certificate Examinations (CSEC), were received on September 23, 2020, in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This year, 2425 candidates were registered, of which, 856 were private candidates, and 1569 were school candidates.

There were 1552 school candidates sitting 10,914 subject entries, in 31 subject areas, from 26 secondary schools. Approximately 81.86% of the subject entries were awarded Grades I – III (the corresponding figure in 2019 was 74.33% and 74.67% in 2018).

This year, 22.09% of the passes were at Grade I level, 37.62% at Grade II and 40.30% at Grade III. Last year’s figures were 15.62% at Grade I, 38.53% at Grade II and 45.85% at Grade III.

 The overall pass rate for Mathematics has risen from 33.10% in 2019 to 53.41% in 2020 and English A has also shown an increase from 76.08% in 2019 to 86.73% in 2020.

 There were eleven schools which recorded percentage pass rates in excess of 80%. These schools are:

  School   % Pass
Girls' High School
St. Martin’s Secondary School
Bequia Seventh Day Adventist School
St. Vincent Grammar School
St. Joseph’s Convent 86.91%
Thomas Saunders Secondary School
Mountain View Adventist Academy
West St. George Secondary School
St Joseph's Convent (Marriaqua)
North Union Secondary School
Georgetown Secondary School 81.15%

Twelve schools obtained creditable pass rates between 60% and 80%. These are:

  School   % Pass
Emmanuel High School Mespotamia 78.23%
Dr. J.P. Eustace Memorial Secondary School
Bishop’s College Kingstown 77.09%
Bethel High School 74.65%
Intermediate High School 73.10%
Sandy Bay Secondary School 70.98%
Buccament Bay Secondary School 69.50%
Central Leeward Secondary School 69.48%
St. Clair Dacon Secondary School 65.99%
Adelphi Secondary School 65.90%
George Stephens Senior Secondary School 65.15%
Troumaca Secondary School 63.33%

 The Central Leeward Secondary School (CLSS), and the Buccament Bay Secondary School (BBSS), show vast improvement in their performance at the 2020 CSEC Examinations. In 2019, the CLSS recorded a pass rate of 44.77% and the BBSS recorded a pass rate of 44.08%. In 2020, CLSS pass rate increased to 69.48% and the BBSS pass rate rose to 69.50%. These figures represent an increase of 24.70% and 25.43% respectively.

 The following students had outstanding performances in this year’s exams:

  • Paige Cadogan (Girls’ High School) – sat 15 subjects; obtained 14 grade ones and 1 grade two.
  • Zowie Bullock (Girls’ High School) – sat 13 subjects; obtained 13 grade ones.
  • Denisha Parsons (Girls’ High School) – sat 13 subjects; obtained 13 grade ones.
  • Jaynika Williams (Girls’ High School) – sat 13 subjects; obtained 13 grade ones.

The Ministry of Education congratulates all students and extends gratitude to the principals, teachers and staff at all schools, for their support of the students. We are cognizant of the fact that outcomes in education are measured, not only in quantitative terms, but also in qualitative terms; therefore, the value added to the lives of all of the students, the top performers as well as those whose performance can be improved, is greatly appreciated.

All Principals continue to work diligently in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, in support of their schools’ effectiveness and the students’ success.


SOURCE: Ministry of Education, National Reconciliation and Information