The Ministry of Education and in particular, the Adult and Continuing Education Division (ACE), has over the years developed quite a good relationship with the authorities and the Inmates of Her Majesty's Prisons. This relationship started in 1994, when the Superintendent, Mr. B. T. Marksman, New Horizons headed by Mr. Mike Browne and The Rotary Club, came up with a plan to have education in the prison.

In 1995 about five (5) inmates successfully sat the CXC Examinations. The subjects written were English Language and Social Studies. The Marion House coming on board with counselling for Drug and Alcohol abuse further strengthened this relationship.

Besides working with the inmates, both Marion House and the ACE have worked closely with the Staff of Her Majesty’s Prisons. Some of the training programmes that the staff have been exposed to are:

  1. Staff Enrichment Programme 10th to 27th March , 1997

  2. Middle Management workshop for middle managers – March 1998

  3. Training of trainers 27th to 29th August 2001.

The relationship between the ACE, Her Majesty’s Prison and Marion House, continues. Besides the ongoing Education and counselling programmes that exist at the institution, there is a lot more in store. We at the Prisons urge members of the general public to become involved in training our inmates to make them productive citizens of our State.