A registration form is required to become a member of the Library. You are expected to fill in the appropriate places and return it with some form of identification. A photo has to be taken, and also some sort of picture identification is needed (e.g. National Identification Card or Passport). If you do not possess any of these, you are expected to bring your reference’s National Identification Card. Your reference will be required to sign.

Juvenile: Parent must fill in a registration form (provided by the Library)

Parents or guardians are kindly asked to come to the Library when registering their children for membership. Please bring along some form of identification bearing your picture.

Reference means:

  1. A responsible person who knows you well

  2. Spouse

  3. For children – parent’s or guardian’s National Identification Card

Fees Incurred From Overdue Books

Adults: A fee of five cents will be charged for each day that the book(s) is overdue.

Juvenile: A fee of five cents will be charged per week or part of a week the book is overdue.


The Adult Lending of the Kingstown Public Library is automated using the Alexandria Library Software. Adult users of the Adult Lending area are being issued books using a Library ID bar-coded card. There is a database of the Adult Library members and the Adult Lending Collection.

Presently, the Department is creating a database of the Reference Library at the Kingstown Public Library.